January 24, 2022

White Lake Update

White Lake UpdateAfter a major clean-up funded by Cullinan Park Conservancy and coordinated by Sugar Land Parks and Recreation, White Lake is looking great. White Lakes is about 40 acres in size with an average depth of only 2.5 to 3 feet deep. The lake is even shallower around the edges and the boardwalk area which allows sunlight to penetrate to the bottom, creating an ideal habitat for explosive vegetation growth.  

In 2020, the Parks Department worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife to conduct an Aquatic Habitat and Fisheries Management Recommendation for White Lake. The report indicated excessive native and non-native vegetation in White Lake. Because it is part of a wetlands ecosystem, TPWD suggested that vegetation should cover between 20% and 40% of White Lake’s surface to prevent overgrowth while maintaining fish and wildlife habitat. Their recommendation was to target the non-native vegetation and clear some vegetation from the middle of the lake to open up fishing access, canoe lanes and lake views.

This past summer, CPC and the Parks Department worked with Lake Management Services to utilize a combination of herbicide treatments and mechanical shredding to remove around 70-75% of the vegetation from White Lake. Cattails were shredded along the lake edges and the overlook on the lake’s east side.  Herbicide treatment was used to reduce plants above the water including Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce and American Lotus and also submerged plants including Bushy Pond Weed and Coontail. Multiple treatments were performed over the early and late summer months, and the results can now be seen. However, maintaining shallow lakes in Texas is an ongoing challenge, so Sugar Land Parks will continue to monitor the lake and perform spot treatments as needed to keep the jewel of Cullinan Park in good shape.