June 15, 2021

White Lake Invasive Plant Treatment Underway

Thanks to all who contributed “Save White Lake” during the 2020 Skip- nic! We could use some more help. Why? 40-acre White Lake is a prized feature of Cullinan Park, but have you noticed that the plants and algae seem to be taking over!

White Lake is only three feet deep and over the last several years, organic and inorganic matter has accumulated at the bottom of the lake making the water level shallower and allowing invasive weeds and algae to flourish, deteriorating the water quality. This process is called eutrophication and is a threat to the health of the lake. If left unchecked, White Lake will eventually become a swamp instead of the beautiful lake that park visitors enjoy for fishing, kayaking and viewing birds and wildlife.

To prevent this, Cullinan Park Conservancy is working with Lake Management Services and the City of Sugar Land to begin algae and invasive plant control measures, including mechanical cutting/shredding of giant cutgrass and cattails around the boardwalk. The remediation efforts will follow all Texas Parks & Wildlife recommendations to ensure the health of the ecosystem and support the lake’s diversity of plants, migratory birds and resident wildlife. Please consider helping us with this project.