May 02, 2022

Top Seven Reasons the 2022 Cullinan Big Sit was Awesome!

7. Spent a fun morning with Team Eagle Eyes – a group of amazing birders and Cullinan Park Conservancy board members that competed in the Great Texas Birding Classic.

6. Observed as many bird species as possible from a 50-foot circle surrounding the Observation Tower with a ruby-throated hummingbird zipping by at the last minute to give us an even 60 species.

5. Enjoyed interacting with birders and photographers from across greater Houston as well as hikers, a crew filming a documentary and families out enjoying time in nature.

4. Loved watching a pair of green herons tending to their eggs in a nest near the tower.

3. Saw some nature lovers entering observations in iNaturalist as part of the City Nature Challenge – which continues through Monday, May 2.

2. Met three young birding prodigies -- passionate birders -- who astounded all of the adults by instantly identifying every single bird in a bird photo book – including species from Africa, Iceland, Costa Rica and all over the U.S. They were SO impressive.

1. Held a ribbon-cutting for our Bird Viewing Area at the park which was funded by a conservation grant awarded after last year’s Great Texas Birding Classic. Loved it when a painted bunting flew in during the remarks.