About Cullinan Park Conservancy

The Cullinan Park Conservancy was founded as a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation in late 2010 as a project of the tax-exempt Houston Parks Board. The Conservancy seeks to enhance and protect the natural beauty of Joseph S. and Lucie H. Cullinan Park at Oyster Creek, a 750- acre park in Sugar Land, Fort Bend Country on Hwy 6, just north of Hwy. 90A.

Conservancy Goals and Activities

Current efforts emphasize fundraising for development of trails, canoe launches, bridges and other means of better access to Cullinan Park. Past work has included surveying its vegetation and birdlife, planning for its trail and bridge renovations, arranging for park cleanups, and organizing photo contests about the park, its wildlife, landscapes, and visitors. included ensuring legal protections for the Park, preparing maps of the Park’s boundaries, vegetation and improvements, organizing plant surveys, partnering in cleanups, encouraging trail maintenance and bridge repairs, putting together photo contests, compiling bird checklists, and other efforts.

The Conservancy and You

Please join the Conservancy! We hope you will join us, and all the friends, visitors, and neighbors of Cullinan Park, who are working to make Cullinan Park a better place for people and wildlife for future generations. Please contact us, join in on Park events, and support the Conservancy!

The Conservancy Board

Board of Directors

Emeritus Board

Advisory Board

Ann Hamilton, President
John Garland, Vice President
Tom Madonna, Treasurer
Bob Richter, Secretary
Susie Goff, Director
Wendy Kelsey, Director
Dan Neale, Director
Nancy Olson, Director
Gay Thompson, Director
Emily Todd, Director
Gary Tuma, Director

Chaille Cullinan Hutcheson
Jessica Jubin
David Todd

Jed Aplaca
Adrienne Barker
Jim Blackburn
Bill Carr
Jonathan Day Harriet Garland
Flo Hannah
Peter de Ipolyi
Dee Koch
Carran Cullinan Lane
David Lobpries
Roksan Okan-Vick
Kelly Reynolds
Cheryl Sedivec